Monday, December 22, 2008

Graduation of Pembroke Primary School Students

South Kids first 3rd year graduating students from Pembroke Primary School. South Kids Coordinator, Nadia, was delighted to present students with a certificate of graduation to all the participating South Kids, students had worked with nine international artists who had originated from countries from Chile, Brazil, South Africa, India, Korea, Indonesia, Mauritius, Maldives,Fiji, New Zealand and of course Australia.
Some of the workshops over the three years included learning skills in the areas of puppetry and mask making, jewellery design, stencil printing,weaving,carving, sculptural construction, performance and curatorship, painting and drawing. South Kids have been very fortunate to have the opportunity of working with such a diverse group of people and to be able to experience the one on one contact with each artist. We here at The South Project wish all graduating students great success for future studies at the secondary level.
Many thanks for your enthusiasm and friendships.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mask and puppet making with Heri Dono

The last two weeks of November, South Kids with renowned Indonesian artist, Heri Dono collaborated together at ArtPlay.  The South Kids workshopped alongside  Heri,  he also talks about his paintings and sculptures,  and the stories associated with them. Heri creates  modern day mythological characters,in particular angels and superheros,  who are the messengers and communicators   of peoples   dreams and aspirations. The children were able to share and learn from  Heri's extensive  expertise with mask and puppet  making including performance work  which resulted with their own designing and directorship by the end of the workshop. The masks and puppets were an effective medium for children to express their concerns for world issues which included environmental, social and personal concerns. Issues such as forest and waterway devastation, poverty, weather changes and war were some of the topics they chose to comment on.  Schools included students from Pembroke Primary, Abbotsford Primary and Briar Hill Primary.  Heri also worked on two public workshops held on the weekend at ArtPlay.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fernando Palma Rodriguez at Heide Museum of Modern Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art had great pleasure in welcoming Fernando Palma Rodríguez - the Museum's first international artist-in-residence - for a three-month stay from March to May of this year. Inspired by this residency, he created an installation for the Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery, Butterflown of love (click here for details) that is displayed at Heide until 26 October 2008. Redolent with personal and historic cultural meaning for Palma Rodríguez, this interactive work brings objects to life with a range of intriguing narratives.

Palma Rodríguez is a Nahua Mexican artist now living and working in the United Kingdom. He came to Heide under the Arts Council England and Stour Valley Arts Fellowship.

Palma Rodríguez’s predominantly sculptural practice demonstrates his keen interest in pre-Columbian art and the mythology of Mexico as well as his experience as an industrial engineer. His concern for the dilemmas currently faced by the environment has prompted works that seek to address both the teachings of bygone cultures and the impact of technology on the natural world. He is a founding member of Calpulli Tecalco ONG AC, Mexico City, an association committed to the preservation of the Nahuatl language and the environment in San Pedro Atocpan, Mexico City.

While at Heide, Fernando also participated in Heide’s Education & Public Programs, where he conducted a school holiday activity, Masked Warriors and featured in Artists in conversation where he spoke about his mixed media sculptures and the inspirations he drew from his time here in Australia. Fernando also participated in The South Project where he conducted workshops for South Kids .

Read the blog Palma Rodríguez wrote about his residency at Heide and visit to Australia.
Click here to read the blog and make a comment .

To listen to a podcast of Rachel Bongiorno interviewing Fernando Palma Rodríguez for SBS World View, Wednesday 30 July 2008, Click here

Heide Museum of Modern Art
7 Templestowe Road
Bulleen Victoria 3105
T 9850 1500

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The [Envelope] Project

Day 2 of the [Envelope Project] concluded at Coburg Primary School.  The grade 5 group continued with their garments during the week and  between workshops during their art class.  Anthea was delighted to see the end results, the kids really enjoyed working on their own pieces revealing their own  unique designs. 
The Envelope is a very versatile garment, the children model the variety of ways it can be used.  Anthea discusses with the kids the true value energy wise to produce textiles and they appreciated the value of using recycled or discarded clothing. This project has been supported by Craft Victoria, to view the rest of 'A Month about Making' program go to

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toy Envelope with Anthea van Kopplen at Coburg Primary School

Last week South Kids began the first of 2 workshops at Coburg Primary School with   Anthea van Kopplen 
( Sustainable Design Practitioner) . The [toy envelope] is a spin-off project of The  [envelope] Project which Anthea designed and worked on  during the Melbourne International  Design Festival last month. [toy envelope] is for kids, Anthea  engages the kids with discussions about the way society consumes fashion and then they  are asked to look at another way to use and reuse  the clothes that they wear and throw away.  They are shown how to transform their 'thrown aways' into The [envelope]which then can become a bag, a coat or jacket, a dress and a skirt.  The second part of the workshop will further transform these made garments into a cubby or shelter.  These workshops are part of a Craft Victoria program,'Month About Making' , a festival of public events focusing on the making process from  7 August - 6 September 2008.